The last wonderful rains in Germany… (34 days, 1794Km)

Just getting out of Magdeburg the first panel for the next city Dresden 230km, fantastic, the day it doesn’t looks the perfect day to cycling but still is not rainning.

Trying to find a place to pass the night after 95km I found a small shelter in the middle of the forest. The path that I am following now is like a medieval path you can see some statues, towers and small casttles, in the middle of the nothing, and all completly full of tree leaves, so the landscape is amazing…

Forest in the way to Dresden

Shiiit I get up after another night making wild camping in another shelter, and it start to rain, I try to wait some time but still rainning ok so come on, and it doesn’t stop in the rest of the day rain rain rain and …. more rain still the wind is not so bad, so after 106 km I arrive to Dresden completly wet my shoes are like a boat, so I decided to spent the night in the yout hostel (cheapest I never see 14€ Kangooro stop, and very friendly employee girl). Cheking the weather it will be better if spend another night because it will be rainning also all the day.

Fucking cold and I am ready to start my last day in Germany (I hope). Cold but not rains so still not so bad, the landscape it changes from dreden to Czeck republik and in my way start to be some hills around the river Elbe, and it comes to me memories from the landscapes in Norway…

No noise, no people, no cars, anything just nature is perfect…. and Chris another cycle tourist he is coming back to England, from Turkey after 6 months travelling by bike, also he is going with another trailer (I am not alone) anything is different that mine. One thing that we share is the cold he told me also today in fucking cold yeah men I need to go if not I get frozen, yeah me too so, good luck…

And now I start to think how will be Czeck republic always I like the changes so will see….

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