Green way Praha-Viena (43days, 2426km)

The worst part of that is the first to go out of Praha, so for that I decide the best way is take the river just to go out and after will be easy to go and follow the greenway. Very nice to take the way around the river you can see somethings like “shoechrist”.

The first roads going up! I didn’t remember that.  Trying to ask somebody I meet Antonio other cycletourist, he dont speaks english but he try to tell me that his house is open for me if want to pass the night there, so he said come with me, ok, we go to his home and his son that is living in front comes just to make a translator, thank you much but still is light and I want to proof the day, dont worry but before you must be need to see that… my bike museum, ohlalalala… he is a very freak bike, I never saw lot of bikes together; also he comes with me to showme the way to take the greenway.

Now after I found some marihuan in the way the green way is moooore green. One time I am in the corect direction the landscape is amazing, some mountains not very high but still mountains crossing forest, smalle rivers….. incredible and just time to find a place to pass the night it cant be better, i found some place in the forest near small river, fantastic, so wild camping and wild shower in the river, but is fucking cold so fast shower.

The weather changes  and now I am enjoying the sun also I can go without shirt and I miss my short trousers. It will be the last days of hot just I check the weather in internet, and it says somethings like min. -8º in Budapest or -6º in Belgrado where I want to arrive… anyway I enjojy now will see after…

Next days I continuos following the route, and the landscapes for moments is getting very beautiful specially the NationalPark Thayatalund Podyji, it was more than 30km the most beautifulls in all the way, where I put the tent for sure, around there also are some grounds for wine, jewish cementeries, and bunkers that they built for WWII but they didn’t use finnally. So I follow the route until Hevlin just in the border with Austria, to go little bit fast, just 40km and I continuos following the greenway now also in the same route that the Eurovelo 9 (you can download here more information about that).

And finnally I arrive to Vienna after enjoying six days on the bike, and the wild camping, and meeting nice people. My view of Czeck Republik changed to better, just somethings bad at the begining thats all.

I recomend us!!!