Somedays in Praha (38days, 1945km)

So I decide to stay for one day in Praga before I am going to move the next day to the house of Jan from Cs, he is living outside of Praga just around the city.

After to leave all the things in the hostel (travellers hostel), and take a shower, I meet with one boy, that he is gay and he didnt stop to try to…. yes that, so I decided to stop and don eat more bananas in front of him, and just he is in the bed behind me. So I go outside just to buy something and take some photos, definetly I dont like the big cities, they are taking proof always for the tourist…

I decide finnally to change the bed to sleep, it will be better absolutly. Next day I get up and I take a very loooong breakfast in the hostel, just before I go outside of the city I meet with Claude another cicletourist veeeery crazy but very funny he is 63 years old but is like he is just 18, talking about his “girlfriend”, about his trip, he went outside from belgium like 7 months and went to NordKapp and after to the south in Slovakia, and now comming back to France, HAVE A GOOD LUCK CLAUDE.

Impoooosible to find the route to arrive to Jans house all around city is highways or trails for the train so I decided finnally come back to the city. I spent some time changing something on the bike, some beers and sleep… Next day I decided to stay also in Praga just to relax, breakfast and go around in the city, while somebody arrive in the hostel ” I just lost my flight from Bcn to Bangkok”, fucking traffic in Barcelona…

Planes changes finnally I found some information about a cycle route from Praha to Vienna is a greeway about 470km so it will be better that… Before I wanted to go first to Brno and after Vienna…

So next day early, breaaaaakfast and faaaast

The first steps in Czeck Republic (36days, 1945km)

How to say? I dont like…. perfect!

Maybe is that I was very confortable in Germany, Denmark, Norway, before in France, but here in Czeck Republic I’m not feel good, the people see you like a shit, and nobody say hi, no smile, the drivers dont respect you, the route that I was following almost the time in the road or bad very bad paths conditions. It looks very poor in compar to Germany and smell a contamination, It remember to me little bit a morroco but not the people in morroco are more friendly, anyway….

So the first steps was cold very cold, to make the dinner it will take time just to cook some pasta… I put the tent in some minutes sleep in front of the river but a lot of noise for the traffic of cars… I get up at 06:00 and finnally I arrive to Praha and I look for the youth hostel (travellers stop, 260Kr, 11€ breakfast incl.).