New trailer in Magdeburg (25 days, 1336Km)

After some Km with trailer “broken” finnally brokes for all parts. Just in the worst moment trying to find the place of the meeting point of Cs members , in the middle of noway outside of the centre city “Crack”. Some people didn’t wanted to help me, anothers I prefer that don’t help me like a Nazi people with some tattos symbols (my head start to remember some friend talking about hell angels “we will cut the ear”); and the night is coming until somebody helpme to find the meeting point of Cs, with his iPhone.

But it not was in a restaurant the meeting point nye it was in Fabios Pizza mean the home of somebody how can I now if almost people writte the messages in German. Fortunatly they can help me to take all my things out of the street, before my host comming to the meeting.

My head it doesn’t stops to think about what can I do also is Saturday and Monday it will be holidays because is 1st of November, so thats mean that I need to wait more days to see some bike shop open. After a lot of hours still in the meeting doing almost nothing just thinking about, whhile the rest of the people is talking about I dont Know just the talk in German. Today one hour more because is going to change the hour but I think I will not feel. Is like 02:00 and is moment to leave the meeting to take all my stuff and go to the house of my host, long way to take the trailer with my hands. Finnally we arrive, and I just want to sleep and forget this fucking day.

Next day I decided to go to the hostel it will be easy for tomorrow to find a bike shop in the centre, before to go to the youth hostel we go to visit the city, Cathedral otomano thomb with her british wife, st Paul… Gaudí, pression air, bufon, walls, river, elbe, thousand years, casttle, towers…. ok but is not the best day to see the history of the city. Just I want to go to the hostel and relax…

Now better, will see tomorrow what can I do finnally is not a holiday so the shops will be open.

Not all conversations in the lifts are just to talk about the weather this conversation was really special so finnally Fabian wanted to help me with my fu… trailer broken, if you can I can call somebody and you can stay more time if you need in a squad, ahh  perfect. Just go to take a beer and you can meet my friend he also will help you another cycletourist; crazy Toni with his trips around Asia and In North America, will see what we can do with the trailer see you tomorrow. Finnally is not possible to stay in the squad but Fabian offer me his place to stay for some days. I try to go to some shops but anything they dont have idea about my problem, also I go to the ACDF and it was really nice to meet David he try to help me giveme some adresses for other shops that he think maybe they could help me; finnally we decided to find the piece in internet, but it was better we found in Ebay the trailer for less price and in less than 48 they will send me,  perfect.

So what is my sorpraise when Toni call me at the next day and sayme the trailer is here, ohhh less than 24 hours this is fast. So I mount and it looks better than the last, while Toni and Fabian made a jokes  about how long time will take to break another time…. so ready to go tomorrow.  In Fabian´s house with Toni and finnally with my new trailer

So we say good bye with Fabian at night, because he needs to go to work tomorrow early. When I gave all the stuff ready I just put the keys in the mailbox and I forgot the box to send to Spain ohhh shit, so I wait until 15:00 to Fabians sorpraise I am here. So the next day finnally I leave Magdeburg after five days but very happy to meet Fabian and Toni, See you soon!!!