Cycling to Albania

 Continuing with the bike as I can on the downhills as a flat-mounted scooter and dragging on the climbs, I get to a garage where you wonder if they have something to solve what the chain tool and guy fucks his tools quickly and within minutes I have it all ready and mounted on the bike, like new, Hvala Hvala, so glad to meet people … Just a dozen miles more and enVladimir etoy and the last town in Montenegro before crossing the border with Albania took the opportunity to do some shopping, and food cargadito dirjo me to the border with the uncertainty that will be open or closed by flooding. That sucks that you are police on the borders all with arrogance and a whopping chuleria saying that I have to show the roles of the bike, stupid things go, I warn that by little Km is where the bridge is flooded and I will not to get past, but no problem in moving to Albania. So leave behind another country to enter Albania, a little while after I start to see what they both warned me of the floods, and the houses that crowd the right side of the road are completely flooded with water to more than one meter up some cars that are sensed see only the roof is visible in my step I’m vruzando with military trucks and jeeps, red cross … but no water on the road, ask some villagers found at a gas station, preparing food plucking a bird, and tells me that the bike is not going to be able to pass but that some military truck you can put the bike and to the other side … Paso a bridge full of soldiers and rescue teams in sets leading to fears the worst. If you go for if it is flooded, do not step in here, and even within a few hours apparently did not get any army truck to go to the other side, well, no patient  ncia, soon came a guy with your particular bike from the other side, and makes a stop and we hit a good time chatting, while spending on military trucks but apparently these are not passing people, so seen are military in Kosovo, kosovo benne not tell me, good … NATO and then you’re going to do? to wait for other trucks arrive, come ride the bike here is that you took the other side, so perfect dismount everything and in front of the bike we put all the stuff, while people coming and going is that it’s like a meeting this right now, while the driver autbous poured water into the engine smoking another car comes opens the trunk and pulls out a wild boar killed after asking for help and they put it between a few as can in the trunk of the bus while the driver is still pouring water … later houses at either side of the street completely filled with water and people posing as may from side to side First pass behind autbous and let us go because I was not so, and tells me the worst is now ninth, ahh now we have to go over the bridge, and as we pass the water begins to enter the exhaust pipe, the bicycle and the trailer is buffeted from side to side as the slouch seeks to avoid the potholes that hide under the feet of water there, eventually stopping the bike just now if the guy pulls me and I rise on wings top of a stone, as he tries earring as may in the end I have to put the water and try to push between the two until it ceases to cover the exhaust pipe, and new starts, grazie mile, past the bridge discharge all I was barefoot and wear socks and shoes in the sun while I eat something and amount all. Of little use to the sun have put the shoes are soaked, and the day begins to come to an end with the cold starts to become more evident and wet my feet begin to freeze slowly. The landscape of this new country has changed from anything seen in any other country on this trip, and that soon they begin to listen to the call to prayer coming from the mosques, and is more than a country of Europe reminds me a lot to Morocco, dogs, donkeys, chickens, turkeys and everything else you can to see come together to entrebuscar some food for the garbage on any street, as people massed on either side of the road trying to go ahead with the sale of anything, while some are dragging more wheels to the next or other junk loaded with a fridge in tow, many stalls and other food ambulanetes selling fruit and many other things, while others direct the flock of turkeys one side of the road to another, I love to see these changes and feel I’m far from home, but not a great distance, at least if I’m far away culturally. So I get to Leze, where unemployment to find a phone and can call home, but no cabs go with cards, the cards can not find them and when I say I find the cabs do not work, well trying to find a booth I encounter some kids who want to make me rune photo photo photo Ok, the final one just left me his phone to call, and even offered me his house for the night but what he says is far in Manhattan, as if a little if and clear and I returned by bus with the bike hard, it ends up coming from another guy who says I can go to church and talk to the sisters that are sure to leave me a place to sleep, okay. Llegamso

and apparently the mass just begun, so until I finish anything, and type this is going before the end, well just so when I go to the nuns and I tell them I say talk to the bishop that he is the boss, so I go and tell the bishop but nothing at all so I stay a while talking to the nuns Peruvian father and end up calling Kiko the priest who is from Valencia, and I spend on the phone, I explain all the action, quiet, nothing happens if you find any site and I pay a hostel ok perfect … Hold on there in half an hour came to open the catedral’y to the mass. A tall guy with a beard on the wafer arrives and greets me go you’re a pilgrim who goes there not? good good pilgrim tampco go then you what you are is a bum! expected to open up and now I come … quiet no problem now accompany you to the hotel and not worry about running from my account and go pegate a shower and sleep … together on their mongauillos acomapañan me too, as we talked, and I said good morning, then I see you in church for the morning and tell me that such a perfect father Kiko many thanks … And such a warm shower to do so leaves me as new, also used to cut my hair and wash clothes but if not stay dry for tomorrow, and soon fall rendered in bed … Luxury that night and I needed God, I get up early and go to the cyber front to have if I can find someone in Petra to be that with my bike while I go to Spain a few days. And at 9.30 before I start Mass came to church and spent a while talking to the father Kiko on current living situation and overall Alabania who lived in the communist dictatorship, a country slightly larger than the Valencia and has more than 500,000 bunkers, just that gives a vivid idea of the situation 20 years ago that ended the dictatorship and it tells me the first decade was quite catastrophic worldwide under the mountains and began to build cities practically from scratch, which generated a wave of violence, asesintatos, kidnapping …. UNPOC now what is the work of the church is to help people more than anything social assistance, and erase the fear of society that has generated so much violence … changes, many changes the father tells me …. good if we get lucky just for you dad and thank you very much for everything. To not make the ugly I am at Mass, and until I join the queue to take the wafer, to what I said then goes to take the wafer and confessed that there will not echo your own? without losing any time the mood …. Now if you play back to the hotel and ride around and pa south, but back to the hotel is impossible to find me and all the streets are the same total in the end just returning to the cathedral hello encuntra the parent not jajaja anda hotel expected to go with you … While things have just pack it by giving the 12 almost, until I tell the lady who runs the hotel that the cost of a night, you pay Kiko father 2000leks (14 €), has no lowest price? I have no son, haggling a bit, leaving me just for 10 €, benne so I stay another day and aporvecho to finally finish the job of searching host for my bike and take me to finish the plane ticket from Athens to Barcelona , the lame final day 28 so I have time in case you never know … and also just getting my bike host for the day 23 in Petra, benne benne perfect friend. Lezhe a city where there is traffic chaos where everyone runs where you can and try to gain a foothold in the midst of this turmoil, doing what each can, cars, vans, buses, trucks pitch black smoke mixed with that is walking her cow, and with carrying a fridge in the van where the donkey is the driving blows of whip and cries of who manages it attempts to move in the chaos surrounding him. Changes Kiko’s father told me, and so I say what other people with whom they engage in conversation, friend building construction, houses, buildings, albania grows, while I with my camera trying to take a picture that reflects what my mind can see and intuit but there is no way to be quiet when no one is someone else telling you something … Now if it’s time to depart and leave behind these two days that I have seen so many new things, leave some things to learn other, empty the bag so that it can be refilled, take to later get … Uruguay Uruguay as friend? this is my new nationality if I stick Spain raised you, so also initiated conversations with even deeper simple newsstand or the woman who sells Spades amid tumultuous Lezhe entry, but that makes me feel closer to home and really know … Wind and windy side that pulls off the road like a leaf falling in autumn, until they know how or why after a few miles the wind changes direction and fly up to 25km / h on average 100km saegunda Durres step the most important city after Tirana and after following a few km along the coast begin to lose me in the mountains, already 16:30 and the darkness starts to gain advantage on a road that esstoy more than the previous local ecunetro settles quickly to my tent site. The next day I get to Berat, Internet stings and called my mother, shit when I hang up the phone and the guy tells me 850leks price (5 €) for just 2min, Queeeeeeeeeeee ??!!!!!!!!! delivery and mondo me bye lucas me you do not pay, just 10 seconds later crowd around my bike, all kids just out of college, begins to come on the market because of the front of the house next, you do not pay that you are staying with me, and you do not touch the bike, I get very bad host, get the kid to show me where was the phone and explained to him and scream after scream, and people more people, eventually gets his way and he paid but I’m just very bad ostia, just get out of the street and taking advantage of that and all the turmoil is scattered back to the guy and you loose a series of …. vendetta vendetta friend, hahaha the guy as if he heard rain. Well I better continue with my journey and forget to ask where is the road to tell me what you know best around and catch a 20km detour back there, the road from here is not right, I they say each other but I to mine, and nothing after 5km I have to dra reverse mierrr road this road have not seen in more good trialeras this “road” to high to start back rain, luckily before dark for the rain, I continue to the end of my strength, so take advantage of this fateful day, until I see a road track that deviates from the main pa and shot near some avocados are not that is exactly but if what that smell … luckily left in the bottom and the smell does not come here until they put up a tent and the wind direction changes, in order … Night with cold and fever, which took a couple of miles to stop at a gas station and some breakfast while taking a coffee and croissant I put the porn movie, hahaha these people are fatal, and at every stop is that I always do just chatting about anything withthe that there are, as I warm up my feet in that sort of range they have, and I stopped to buy some food and apples Gad that are good in my life that I have proven so few blocks, I the road until it ceases to be road becomes track, but how can this be a national? roads in The Gambia seem highways compared with this, potholes flooded by rain the previous day, a car that comes in front while another truck tries to advance and pita you have behind you, where the hell you put me if there is no I site is no longer or because I whistle, I finally got most the clutter and each beep sound my horn and I raise my hand while bellowing Myrdita Albania (good morning) and really take effect for at least the people I returned a smile and a greeting that will make me less hard then the passage through the national track and at the same time goes down goes up comes down mountains, over the big chainring all the time and the snow begins to appear before my eyes luckily that if only the distance on top of these colossal mountains just confused with the low clouds out there.

December 15, 2010

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  1. This might not be the largest Country in the World, but I think it is the most sophisticated. One way you can measure the growth of somewhere is the measure it’s arts. There is little doubt that this place exceeds other places away. I wouldn’t want to live there, but a year or two would be pretty cool.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. It’s easy to read, the content is good, and your an educated writer unlike most of the blogs I come across when searching on this topic. I will check back in the future and see if you have anymore articles. Thanks for posting this, I appreciate the infomration and the effort you put into your site.

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  4. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks so much for all your comments!!!
    Im so sorry that I dont have so much time to spend in the blog. But I promiss all of you I will continuou with this blogsite. I have it lot of problems or not (who knows) but lot of things happens in the last months.
    In this moment I stop the travelling so Im at home in Spain and my bike is still waiting me in Trabzon (turkey), so from there to here there lot of things.
    The travel will never end…..

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