When All Else Fails …. (Ullcinj Montenegro, Day 68,

In little more than 50km I stand in the last country in the world, Montenegro entering this country labeled as recently as a decade after its independence from Yugoslavia. So at the border I get my first stamp in the passport
I go across the border to find with this unique pair hitchhike a Frenchman and a Japanese barely just met, and to possibly find me again later as we share destination and route, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmekistan …. previously and I found them I went out of Dubrovnik and now I find them already in Montenegro.
The landscape in Montenegro over the first km is impressive, in a moment I have to take a boat in order to save a huge bay that will save me more than 30km and the bay or fjord that is impressive as if it were one of the fjords Norway’s largest landscape tipioc with mountains on all sides, and the boat trip that I run into a strange gypsy Kosovar Albanians, happened to talk a while … We are just 5 minutes on the other side of the bay, and just 20km to Budva here but I just found a site before you arrive in the middle of a field between us bush, rain and an hour ago was present, continue to timid way overnight.
After the first km in the morning can not stop going up and down and noticed that the rear wheel is not very fine, the punctured half so I stop, but I have no camera repaired so as the sting is not very great inchar back and replace it, and a few miles Puffffff … in less than a second wheel runs out of air that has passed coooño, stop and see that I have a cracked wheel, go I think when you do not ride mountain above it, and now what? … repair the other camera that I have because I stop right next to a stall to clean cars and there is a cube where I used to repair the cameras, so the amount of these and let it swell medium to at least go though is walking to the next town and pray that there is a bike shop, nothing at all until I reach 5km Petrovac but nothing indicates to me that there is a workshop a couple of miles on the road and try there, with go to bed bike came, but they have nothing, and I say to Bar I will not find anything as far as that Bar? 20km good attempt to hitchhike but no way, so now on my way continuous midday walk to Bar until it gets dark and encontrarr a site to purchase the store and spend the night. What a night I expected, start a wind shakes the tent like a plastic bag, and soon begin high rain thunder, lightning and thunder it count to 12 rays in less than a minute … and every time you hear thunder closer, I no longer pray or to holy … finally just going after a few hours, but the wind continued all night anything that makes barely able to sleep all night.
And so the wind the next day, and I dragged the bike holding on to the ups and downs, 12km and I am in Bar where I suggest a bike shop I go straight there, and finally change it wheel and the way I buy another but just in case so I would not happen again, the guy in the shop seeing as I have the bike will start to take a little oil helps me to mount the wheel and as I see it as motivated I say that I change the sprockets (to say anything) the guy just committed to help the worst leaving has no fucking idea mechanics, just me saying that change is screwed (not without reason that it has more than 23000km) and tells me he has one for 10 € ok come put it, while I go buy some food, mounts as you can and jump to try changes in pairs, this does not work ehhh, takes the bike to his workshop to look better or that tells me while I’m out in the shop playing a little guitar, and a kind lady trrae me a piece of patty sandwich warm as a warm, thanks (you think I was asking for money) … Soon comes the guy with the same change that I had set, and good taste it seems to go better, but the guy asked me € 20 more, I changed the cable, the case hardly want to argue and I give, just give me a kit for punctures, one light and a reflective brakes to the wheels, and so almost 15:30 and I are already starting to get dark so I boot Ullcinj address, which is just 25km from the border with Albania But on top do not know if I’ll be able to cross the border since Monday morning a disinterested driver to warn that if unemployment taxes to Albania Ullcinj the border was closed by the flooding of the river due to rainfall has had during last week. I think with all the action I’ve had and seeing that it has not rained much these days may have lowered the level for tomorrow … but should go back and go backwards Posgorica and cross the border on the inside which is 250km but …
Just start the first ramp and see what he has done this type of store is a waste and I start popping the changes, and you begin to put me in bad ostia, find a place to put the store just before a perfect cliff with sea views and the clear sky make me look to spend a quiet night. Well, nothing, spend an hour and the wind starts to whip the store with more force than yesterday if possible, even beginning to think I’m going to fly off into the ravine that is barely 5 meters, between this and do not stop thinking it over to how I was able to cheat in that way the guy in the shop, spent one night divine, such as bad luck … Luckily as I can spend the night without sleep so if you just …
In the morning I get to leave something better change, but also makes a noise that I do not like, I go upstairs and Crrrrrack under mierrrr …. the chain from me just in the midst of the most absolutely nothing about 15km from the border with Albania, well I have a chain tool and spare parts needed, I get to fix it until it pisses me off the chain tool and the screw goes, so to again push the bike until I get to ask someone tells me that until we get to Vladimir nothing there about 8km but try in a shop there a couple of miles

Adriatica Pearl (Day 65, 3496km)

Spanish to English translation

So Lord Byron classify the city of Dubrovnik, situated between mountains on the coast of the Adriatic, with part of the walled old town of Dubrovnik, with its streets and monuments amarmoladas hitoricos rather people this city takes on a special charm.
Came directly to the youth hostel that although it is outside the old town is not far behind, but later it’ll host for the next two days right here. I go a while to discover the charm that both say they have Dubrovnik and the truth that they were right, but also it is much smaller than I thought, let in a few hours and you’ve made a few turns to what comes being the old town. The next day left with Alexander (cs), who looks forward to that you get your bike and start to prepare well for what will be his first bike ride around the area of the former Serbia. At night stay with some friends and her sister Kassandra that also lives in the same apartment.
The next day take the opportunity to walk around the mountain that is behind so Dubrovnik and see the view from the top, in the afternoon a little relax, and watch for the return flight to Spain which I think eventually catch a flight from Athens the question is how do I get there the day 20, since there are 1200 km and I just think 13 days are part of a bicycle and another by hitchhiking, and will look good nose.
And before the adjournment of Kassandra and her brother and I leave that if I am late to start the day ….
December 8, 2010

Snow, frozen, wet, rain (Knin, Dia 57, 3246km)

I arrive to the youth hostel and it is close, no just a moment one mobile phone in the door, free call, call me please, and the phone number behind there… The first time that I saw that this is the feeling that you are in small town where all the people nows each other.

In few minutes came the porperty of the hostel and he just leaveme the keys and explainme how it works allÇ; is not so much people now this is no best moment to travel (it is one of the phrases that most I listen)…

After to install and check everything in the room, for sure I need all the small room just for me and all my things is not a problem because I dont share with nobody…

I cant remember how I start to “talk” with this person but finnally we share a conversation with the google translator, he told about his son he was playing a basketball tournament in Barcelona, and know he want to change the team; it is the typical person that are very orgulloso about his family, his city, his country, he just want to saw me on internet photos about Croatia and some stuuffs; -I am working now but in some minutes I will finnish we can go to eat calamares, – for sure it will be a pleasure.

He didnt accept my money so he pay the dinner, while he start to talk with the chamber about I dont know but the conversation is going up, up, just I understand AlQaeda, so after some minutes I decide to leave the restaurant and go to the hostel… After one or two hours I meet him another time and start to talk again, and he begin to told me that he was in the war in Bosnia Killing musulmans I get impressioned how he told me that, he is so frozen and he is talking about killing people, I dont know what to say, also after he show a photo on internet is him with their war friends with the guns and with one nazi flag, other photo one destryed mezquita for him with canons, he start tatatata, pum pum pum, hi hitler! but very tranquility I am very impression I said to him that is not good, me comunist, but he doesnt told me anything, Ok we dont understand each other so is better to leave the conversation, but anything bads happends…

So go to sleep and will see tomorrow what I will do

I wake up and I go around the town buy something, and see how is the village. Just in some minutes start to snow, nice, so I decided that today I will be here for one night more… It will not stop in all the day the snow; so I profit the market that is in the center and go to buy some hat for the winter, It was really funny talk with the sellers, is dobre (good) the hat yeah yeah dobre dobre, jajajaj and all people start to laugh ok me too when I saw my face with the hat…

Just almost the day I am in the hostel just, I went to take some photos and to have the delicious typical dessert of Samobor… After in the hostel I meet the strange man of yesterday and we say good bye.

The car machines began yesterday to take out the snow of the roads, so today is Okay to start to ride again, until snow other time. The day is perfect to cicle, is cold but with sun is very nice;  and see how can it changes the landscape it is wonderful, the road start to go up up up, but with out traffic, until I arrive to Karlovac (big town, 45km). The toursist office is closed today so just follow the same road to the south and try to dont feel the -5ºC  at night. So I take a small road after 80km and I found a “perfect” place to put the tent, completly full of snow around and everywhere it is magical place, different of all the days before; I make  a soup with the snow, and in some minutes I am sleeping, like at 19:00 I dont why but I feel very tired… And I get up  at 08:00 more than 12 hours sleeping thats great, and I didnt feel so much cold, but it was, the half beer that I leave yesterday night is completly frozen outside like the rest of the things, the seat of my bike is frozen also…

Following the same road that I leave yesterday I start the day and in some minutes it start to snow, and it doesn’t stops, my foots are getting frozen fucking frozen, my guitar and my trailer behind me is just snow almost 30cm of snow up on my guitar… I cant continuous like this is impossible also the road you dont see anything, the cars cant go so fast for the ice and I must be pray to dont go down… so after 25 (2hours) I meet a restaurant-hostel with internet and I decide to be here until stop the snow but, it doesnt stop so I pass the night here and tomorrow will see… All the day snowing, until night it finnish

You can take everything you want and how many you want for breakfast!! are you sure? heheh yes, ok I finnish full full full of food, so in the rest of the day I didint need to eat until dinner (it was enough with omelette of potatoes and 3eggs with bacon, milk, muesly) … Start to ride, cold but still no snowing. I arrive to Plitvicka Jezera (national parks with wonderfull lakes), and they advertist me If you want to be alive take the bus to go to Zadar, the weather for tomorrow and past tomorrow it will be worst that the last days, but I know how I am and I ignore that, so I follow the same road; go to small road and look for a place to put the tent. The place is like nothing just snow, and far away some mountains, it takes to me the remember what I want to see if finnally I arrive to Mongolia (one of my dreams since some year before), just nothing that is what I want to see. Clean the place to put the tent and ready, some dinner, read, espacio en blanco, and sleep.

It is wonderful when you have travelling for “long time” (not so long, yet) and almost every day you sleep in different places, and its difficult to remember when you get up where you put the tent the day before , this moment is Magic just open the door, and……. see that…. no words is like a new day in a new place all completly for you, to enjoy, to learn, to share… definitly to live.

Same road, and in some minutes start to rain, snow stop, start again stop; I must to go fast as I can to the next town and try to follow some information maybe it will be here some shelteres to enjoy the nature… but nothing I didnt find anything, just some coffees in Garcanc while I talk with the chamber in RUstic Caffee where he make a suggestion take the bus to Zadar it will  be the best option go to the coast by bus, if I was you I will do it; ok so what I do? dont go to the coast, and dont take the bus, follow the same road that now goes to the south-est to arrive to knin next big town is about 60km, I start to go up in very long port, where when I start it was rainning, and in hundred metters going up it changes to snow, I feel very tired, going up, start to be smog also, so cold, smog, snow, and wet inside, so I decided to stop and try hitch hiking, but not so many cars also, and just the cars that pass me sawme like a strange person in the middles of the snow with a big bike… So after 30min it doesnt works so comeon take the bike ang go up!!! After some Km going up, go little bit down and flat until I saw the sgnal welcome to Zadar region, and from here the snow in the road start to disappear just 5km more and the snow it doesnt exits thats take me more power, anyway my foots are completly wet and cold very cold, and watching long I start to see a long way going down, but long long, and wonderfull around the mountain crossing some valleys by some bridges, also I have the wind helpping me and the road it doesnt go so much down but with the wind I cycle faster than 50km all the time, just in the bridges where the wind get crazy I need to take the bike very strong to dont follen down, maybe it was 15km like this, Where I was before to take this long way going down? Going down also I feel that I start to dont feel good, I didnt eat so much and I don want to stop until I arrive to Knin it will be 20km, completly wet inside, feeling really bad, and cold it start to go little bit up, and this 20km was one of the most longest km that I made never…

I arrive finnally to Knin feeling very bad, after sometime I found the hostel…